Dec 13, 2010

A Night to Remember...

Christmas is getting closer and closer, so this pst weekend some girlfriends and I got together, had some wine, roasted some marshmallows on candles, and ate candy!! I wish you could have seen better pictures of the actual night- this is the morning after, unfortunately my camera doesn't take the best pictures in the dark- it is a great camera but the true essence of the evening wouldn't have been captured!! Anyways enjoy!!

The night before the table was dressed with snacks, and friends!!

Always Stay Graceful,



  1. HAHA so much fun! Hostess with the mostess!

  2. Beautiful Pictures, You have an eye for detail. It looks very classic and very sweet too.It was nice talking to you on the phone :) All the way from Texas! I LOVE your blog. Awesome!


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