Oct 20, 2010

Blue + White + 1 Year Anniversary!!

I love this.... Also on a more interesting note: I just realized that a year ago yesterday October 19th 2009- was the 1 year anniversary of my lovely blog!! Wow how time flies!! I hope that this time next year is just as fabulous and enlightening as the one that has just passed me by in a glimpse of the eye. I never at this time last year would have predicted the move to Toronto, nor my shift from Design to Marketing, and then my discovery of Visual Presentation, as well as my flourishing love and passion for Interior Design, and then all of the fun opportunities that are starting to come around are just fabulous as I just created this all as an online portfolio! So love to all of you that come visit me on a daily basis, and please continue to stick with me as I take this journey in my life!

Always Stay Graceful,


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