Dec 8, 2009

For the Love of Shoes...

High heels, flats, chunky platforms, riding boots.... I love shoes. They are essential to every outfit. Some people begin with the shoes and then make there way up. They are like pieces of art. There are movies about them, they are enviable and collectible. The average North American women has at least 30 pairs, yet we keep on buying them... To suit our moods, to color coordinate, to dance, to run, to impress. Walk a mile in someones shoes they say, I would gladly do that if they were a gorgeous pair of Louboutins. Shoes take you where you need to go, and they give people you meet a hint of who you may be, or want to be. Here's a piece of me.

Knee Highs. Dolce Vita. So Bella.

Candy. Givenchy.

I know that I would be "Singing in the Rain" if I had these. Christian Dior.

Sky High Fashion. Yves Saint Laurent.

Your Girlfriends will be Green with Envy. CUBE
Rock Chic with a touch of Femininity. Barneys.

Wedge Mary-Janes.

Flat out Lovin'. Barneys
"Futurama." Aldo.When in doubt GO NUDE. Fendi.
There is something Special about these. Saks Fifth Ave.

La Vie En Rose. Christian Louboutin .
Simple. Elegant. Chloe.

These Babies Look like they could get you into some Trouble.

So Pretty. Casadei.
How Beautiful are these Ankle Boots? Browns Fashion.

A Conversation Piece? Marc Jacobs.These are amazing. Nuff said. Katia Lombardo. Thank You.

Sky High Fendi Mary- Janes

To leave an impression as you walk away. Roberto CavalliAlways Stay Graceful,


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