Aug 1, 2013

Film Fabulous

Blayre and I have been away for the past 2 weeks. We went to visit Calgary and Montana for a friends wedding, and it was just what the doctor ordered. We watched lots of old films, it was nice to have no obligations. Days were filled shopping, movie watching, eating great food, and partaking in the wedding of Blayre's best friend. It was so nice to be included, Blayre got all decked out in J.Crew- super handsome!! I found a fab little black dress- it was a great time!! 

We returned earlier this week, and there is already a list of things mounting, but the break was what I needed. I am going to try to channel more energy into the blog, I love having this outlet, sometimes it is just too draining- ever feel like that??

Here is a new series called Film Fabulous. Hitchcock was not only a leading director in his time, but he was also a fashion leader. Though he may had stuck to crisp black suits, his leading ladies always donned the most beautifully elegant, tailored masterpieces, that were years before their time. Rear Window is one of my favorites, it is a timeless thriller. Something about this movie is magical to me. The set decor, the way that the whole apartment complex feels like an art exhibit. A gaze into a moment in time without the technologies that we have today, that makes the whole idea of watching someones life unfold at a distance spooky and exciting. Grace Kelly is sophisticated and sexy, refined and contemporary. 
Here are some of my favorite film moments. Note James Stewarts fab apartment, bachelor chic- Lonny Magazine anyone?? ;)

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  1. Welcome back, Laura! Your readers have missed you!

    I love Hitchcock movies and I totally agree with your thoughts on Rear Window. Looking forward to more of Film Fabulous.

    P.S. You and Blayre are a gorgeous couple!


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