Jun 27, 2013

Momma Knows Best

Hey All! Today I am so excited to share with you some updates over at my Moms house! She and Peter(stepdad) have done tons of renos & redecorating in the past year, they have done such a fantastic job. I love the direction it has gone in- here are some pics! 
Modern and classic pieces, merged to create a really beautiful, light and bright space. I love the quirky design of the area rug, chunky knit, felt, that has been braided, a brand new custom made coffee table(they needed a really big one- I think it is at least 40x40) A fabulous mirrored chest is on one wall- really love the reflective surface, it adds sparkle to the room as well as opens up the space. A collection of fabulous new throw pillows, and some really fab decorative objects. This space is still in the works- more layers need to be added- but I absolutely LOVE where it is going!! When I go visit I will take more pics so I can share some of the details!! 

 On a side note I am sorry I have been so MIA lately. I have been busy as heck, and really haven't had time lately to commit here :( I will try to be better though!! 


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  1. Absolutely love the transformation!! P.S. Can I pretty please get a source on the rug?? Been looking for one exactly like it.

  2. The space looks great! Did you consult your mom and stepdad on the design? I see some Laura Collins influences. If not, then it's just that you inherited great taste. :)


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