May 23, 2013


Welcome to the World of Gatsby, glamorous, luxurious, decadent. Art Deco, excess, and mystery, obsession, love, are the themes of this incredible film by visionary filmaker Baz Lurhrmann. Long Island at its finest, New York City, the jewel of the Universe. In this dreamlike rendition of Fitzgeralds classic novel we get to be transported back to an age of super glam. Although we don't live in the Roaring 20's, by adding a little glitz & gloss to your space you may channel a little bit of Gatsby World in your everyday life Old Boy. xo

For more on the opulent sets of The Great Gatsby

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  1. Nailed it! Have you read the book or seen the older movies? This era is so inspiring and I love the opulence and lushness of Gatsby. Hit the art deco museum in South Beach (Miami) in January -- so inspiring!

  2. Gorgeous pics to look at. So Glamorous! Although very lovely, my taste leans to simpler things with less shine and opulence. I can see myself tending the garden in front of the cottage! Have a great weekend!


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