Apr 10, 2013

Ready to Wear

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes yesterday, it really made my day. What is so interesting about birthdays are all of the surprise phone calls, and messages that come out of the woodwork. It is a perfect time to reconnect, a great opportunity to catch up with people you have missed over the years, I think that is one of the many gifts that it allows. I love catching up with old friends, sometimes I am not brave enough(which may seem silly) but it sometimes take a moment like a birthday to reconnect to reach out to someone you care about, but feel that too much time has passed. Anyhow I had an amazing day, I had my sister and my boyfriends sister all day to hang out with. It was such a treat to spend time with them along with my boyfriend. While my sister does like in Toronto, Blayre's does not, so it was great to all be together! Blayre took me out for dinner last night, it was just lovely. We went to BLU Restautrant in Yorkville it was amazing, I am still stuffed. Diet must recommence. BUT GO if you are in Toronto, AMAZING. 

About the post above. Yes. I am always looking for classic easy pieces to add to my closet. Love a little edge, but comfort and transition is also important to me. I love feminine touches on more masculine pieces, I like to funk things up while remaining refined. I am in the market for a coat for evening, I love the one above with the leather sleeves, although I think I want a monochromatic look for night, something navy or black. I am also on a search for a great ankle boot that I can wear from day to night, that won't kill my feet or back! These are cute, not sur about the 3 buckles, I need to scope them out in person, I walk a lot in the summer, so I need a lower heel. Any suggestions would be fab!! 
Have a great day my friends! 

Some pics of Bruce and I last night after dinner

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  1. Love that watch-I totally need to swap out my silver one.

  2. Love the boots and the purse, gorgeous! Have fun!!

  3. Happy belated birthday! The jacket is gorgeous!
    Debbie :)


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