Apr 25, 2013


Recently Home Depot sent me a little spending money. As our home is an ongoing project any help along the way is always welcome ;) One of the first projects that came to mind was the dresser we have in our bedroom. Ever since we purchased it I have been wanting to refresh it by painting it. For the longest time I struggled with which colour to paint it. I had flip flopped in between forest greens, corals, blues, the other day I finally landed on this shade of green(not to mention I even wanted to sell it because the decision was getting so hard). The colour is Aruba by CIL Premium Paints at Home Depot, its been two years of indecisiveness- I can't wait to get this baby painted! We are getting this done as we have lots of work to do on the balcony after, so I wanted to make sure we did this first just in case I decide to bring anything out on the balcony to paint/dry. 
I think the green will really fit into our full design plan that I shared the other day, the paint finish will be high gloss as well, which will add a little glam. The palette over all is pretty muted, and the headboard will be a deep navy(if we end up going with that one), the accents pink and green, and pale blue bed side tables & a little bling with the hardware(brass, and lucite).
Aruba is a really subtle shade of green, I think it will be great with the new lucite hardware (purchased on Craigslist), since it is one of the larger items in the space we wanted to make sure it didn't overpower and blended into the overall scheme. In the future I am wanting all white bedding with an accent trim, crisp and clean, with some touches of colour. 

Anything you are wanting to refresh this summer?? So much more productive this time of year!

Houses our screen for viewing, and fan. These items will probably have to stay(because that is life, I don't mind though. Once it is painted out it will look much more finished)

 The current drawer pulls- BLAH

Can't wait to see this painted out

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  1. Those pulls are awesome! What a cool find!

  2. This is going to be amazing! I love the color and the pulls.

  3. Gorgeous photos as usual. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  4. That colour paint + those brass/lucite drawer pulls = going to look amazing!


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