Apr 11, 2013

A Button Tufted Life

 Today I have Cynthia from A Button Tufted Life, here to share her beautiful home in Bayfield, Ontario with you all. Along with her husband Kent they have created a stunning retreat full of beautifully crafted finishes, antiques, and other treasures you will adore. I love the greenery that surrounds her home, as well as the way she has thoughtfully decorated it. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely space, I look forward to your future projects. 
I think Blayre and I are going to have to take a road trip to visit!! xoxo

My name is Cynthia Weber and I am a decorator in beautiful Bayfield Ontario where I live with my handsome husband Kent.
We run a custom interiors business and write a design & lifestyle blog called A Button Tufted Life... We love to travel, entertain and at the risk of sounding like an ad in the personals... we love to walk on the beach!

LC: How long have you been in Bayfield?
CW: We have lived here since 2005 but fell in love with it long before that. I have very fond memories of coming to Bayfield for weekend getaways when we were newly married and dreaming of owning property here someday.
It is such a charming community on the water, with a unique historic walking town feeling, beautiful shops and fantastic dining… It's a little jewel of a place, sort of like how I remember Niagara-on-the-lake being when I was a kid.
I think because it is such a quaint village people are surprised to find out they can get high end fabrics and furniture locally through our studio… it's the best of both worlds, big city resources with small town charm!

LC: How would you describe the aesthetic of your decor?
CW: We love art and antiques representing different styles, bringing them together in a unique and pleasing way intrigues me, I like to call it "Collected Eclectic"!
LC: When you work with a design client, how do you incorporate your aesthetic into their home while still maintaining their vision?
CW: My design aesthetic gets left at home… every client deserves to have their home reflect their lifestyle and tastes so I try to help them find their own style. If they happen to like my style then that is a bonus, it means we have a great connection before ever beginning and chances are they will enjoy spending time in our home… many of our clients become friends, and I love that!

LC: I LOVE the exterior of your home, how long have you been? Was it love at first site?

We designed and built Hoop Top House in 2008 It has been a labour of love from start to finish.
We wanted to design a house that would fit in and enhance the village.
The name Hoop Top House comes from the antique 8' hoop top door we used… the dormers and gate as well as the curves in the cobblestones all echo the theme.

backyard before adding antique windows cynthiaweber.com
The lot has huge trees, a bush on two sides and wonderful privacy making the back yard our private oasis in the summer.
Our design studio is also here so basically our lives revolve around this house.

LC: I know from your blog you have undertaken a few DIY's, which one is your favourite, and is there one in particular that you feel really improved your space that you could share?
CW: Kent and I love working together on DIY type projects… I like all of them but the one I am most excited about hasn't even been seen on the blog yet!
We are taking huge antique windows and building them into the overhang in our backyard. It is going to be fantastic! I am hoping we will be able to share the finished project by the beginning of May.

LC: What are your go to's for fabulous furnishings? Online shops, any thrifting?
CW: We love Gresham House furniture for custom pieces, you can find out all about them in my tour and interview with the owner Marilyn.
We sell their pieces, fabric, original art as well as Kent's amazing carved wood pieces on our online shop as well as through our studio. We also love buying at auction for our own collection and for clients.

This photo shows some of Kent's work. The carved fish, burl bowls and individual bread boards are all his pieces.
LC: Do you have any inspirational blogs that you could share?
CW: I love Thistlewood Farms, Karianne has a innate way of making you feel like you are an old friend over for a chat, and her farmhouse is beautiful. I also like Calling it Home, I saw you were featured over there Laura… fantastic!
LC: As the warm weather nears what are some of your favourite seasonal touches?

CW: Kent brought home pussy willows the other day and I did a happy dance around the kitchen… I also love forsythia and can't wait to see all the perennials popping their heads up in the gardens… we love to garden and having the ability to cut fresh flowers and bring them in is wonderful.

LC: Any design philosophies you would like to share?
CW: Start with what you love.
Pieces that evoke pleasant memories or treasured people always add dimension and connection… build a design around them and you will love your home.
Oh, and, don't bow to trends!
If they don't speak to you then leave them be. For more of my views on that, have a peek at my post about the pressure to incorporate trends.

Thank you so much for having me over to your lovely blog Laura, I have enjoyed chatting with you!
You are always welcome over at A Button Tufted Life... and If any of your readers are interested in following me on Pinterest or sending a " like" my way, well that would be wonderful!

Thanks Again Cynthia for sharing!! xoxo

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  1. Thank-you Laura for sharing such a beautiful home with us! I just adore her gardens! Actaully everything she touches is amazing!

    Laurie @ Vin'yet Etc.

  2. HI Laura,

    It was lovely doing the interview with you for your wonderful blog!
    I hope we get to work together again soon!


  3. What a beautiful home - she's such a talented person, isn't she?

  4. I love Bayfield, it is such a pretty town! I don't get there often, but will have to check out her store next time. Lovely home & gardens!!
    Debbie :)


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