Mar 13, 2013

Eclectic Dining

Today I would like to welcome back Amy- she previously wrote a fantastic article about how to create a gallery wall with Ikea ledges and a wholelotta cook books. I couldn't wait to have her back to share more of her space. This time she is sharing her fab dining room, she has pulled together a great space while staying on budget, she has a great eye for design, savvy and love her interest in using local product. Hope she inspires you, Amy is such a talent- and might I add I love the use of the pieces she has designed & her Dad has created-lovely! Enjoy!! 

When asked to write about my dining room and how I came to pull it all together,  I had to really think about how it all began.  I don't know about you,  but I rarely have a complete idea of how I want a room to look and the exact items that I will put in it when I first start out. I find that picking that one staple item that you LOVE and then working from there is the best course of action.  It's an evolution of design I think -  as you see each piece start to work harmoniously with another piece you build your confidence up. You might try something more bold or push yourself outside of your comfort zone to see what else amazing you can come up with. In my house its a never ending cycle-- so I'm very thankful for my patient boyfriend.

This dining room began with the dinning table.  I wanted a harvest table like in the ones in all of the magazines, but as a single lady living on my own a couple grand (or 10) wasn't something that i had readily available,  i did what any girl would do.....i asked my dad if he could help me/ build it for me/Pay for all the material/ deliver it to my door/Thank you Daddy!!!!  And with my design and his craftsmanship we came up with this:

From there came the inspiration to surround the table with white  leather parsons chairs to keep the emphasis on the table. These chair clean up like a charm too-  so although they are white,  they  are functional and practical which I think is important for furniture that is heavily used.

I wanted to keep the rustic feel so I chose jute rug from Ikea with its thick weave and high durability.  It feels like a massage in your feet too!

One of my favorite pieces are the curtains from Ikea (Remember how I was talking about getting bolder?) These are a new addition where I once had white curtains.  They are very different and bold,  but the trees keep with the natural an earthy vibe I was going for. Plus there aren't any other conflicting patterns in the room to fight with it-- So it takes center stage quite well!

The wine racks are another favorite piece of mine. They are inspired by old riddling racks used by monks to make champagne in France.  Again, my need for all things unique and handcrafted inspired my Dad to create a fantastic piece of furniture from barn board that holds 40 full bottles of wine.  It's a great conversation piece,  takes up very little space,  and is a wine lovers dream ( available for purchase if anyone's interested!). I loved it so much,  he made us two! No such thing a " Too Much Wine"- Am I right?!

Lastly,  I think it's important to add interest pieces around the room to keep the eye moving.  The plates that surround the room I found at various Value Villages in the city and help decorate the space in a room with 10 foot ceilings. The chandelier is that touch of sparkle that every room needs,  and the large photo of Toronto is a great shot of the city I call home. I love local everything!

That's pretty much it!  I like displaying the nice items that I have.  No point in hiding it away to only see it when company is over I say.  So pieces of furniture that display unique items ( decorative utensils, bowls, glassware )are a great way to decorate with the collectibles an items you've acquired over the years.

Happy decorating!

Thank you again Amy- you are awesome, thanks so so much, if anyone is interested in purchasing Amy's wine rack contact me directly, or email her at:

Always Stay Graceful, 


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