Mar 22, 2013


Wednesday night my creative juices were flowing and I had an urge to create. While watching American Idol(I'll admit I am hooked this season!!) I got out my large roll of paper, and together with Blayre and some water colors we dripped and sprayed like we were Jackson Pollock!! It took next to no time, was lots of fun, and was dry and ready to go by the end of the episode! I finally have a piece to hang in the alcove at the top of the stairs, I love looking at it through the kitchen, my favorite colors to boot! Easy peasy- the way I like it!! 
Have great weekend- My mom comes tomorrow woo hoo!! 

Bruce and his buddy Sammy  

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Always Stay Graceful,



Thanks so much for all of the lovely comments!
Always Stay Graceful,
L. xoxo