Feb 21, 2013

Three Way

Over the weekend I picked up this amazing table. It is a retro 70's/80's brass and glass multilayered piece. I don't think it will work in our space but I absolutely love it. All of the tiers swivel so it is amazingly functional, I would love to see this in a small space that is lacking surface area because this baby can multitask!! I while back I spotted a table like this in Lonny magazine, and I have always been a fan, it definitely has been growing on my, I just feel we need something square in that space. What do you think??

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  1. I love the table! SO amazing, but I say trust your gut if you don't think it works. Chances are you will always feel that way. You can always sell it to a client for an amazing project!

  2. Hi there I'm Elisa, I hopped over cause Linda said so ;) You have a great blog I'm happy to follow! BTW love the cocktail table!

  3. We are kindred......I have a table just like this! I love it. Yels x


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