Feb 8, 2013

Sweet Nook

As Valentines Day is right around the corner- so of course pink and red are on my mind. I remember when I was growing up my mom never let me wear it together- however one of my girlfriends who was more of a renegade said "She was allowed to wear it together, & pick her own clothes" well this impressed me a lot. It became my mission to wear these colors in combo. Years later, I love the two colors in combination, there are so many shades to mix together, dusty pink and coral, hot pink and baby pink, the fun never ends! Tonight Blayre and I are going to take it easy, I am looking forward to this- fun brunches and coffee dates are planned for the weekend- and maybe some antiquing... Catch you Monday!! xoxo

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  1. Ok that artwork is EVERYTHING. Heading to pinterest hoping you pinned the source!


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