Feb 19, 2013

Four Under One Roof

I am so thrilled to have the lovely Yelena from Four Under One Roof today. I stumbled upon her blog  recently and was instantly taken with her style! She is across the world in New Zealand so unfortunately a thrifting date isn't in our near future- however a home tour is the next best thing. Without further ado here is Yelena's FABULOUS living room, she has only lived here a short while, and already this space is magazine worthy(aren't those étagère's to die for)! Check out her blog, where she includes other rooms in her home as well as some DIY fun!! Enjoy All!! xoxo
Thanks again Yels!!

Hi Everyone! My name is Yelena Brooks from Four Under One Roof, where I blog about my passion for interior design and also my adventures and experiences whilst making over our family home.
I am so thrilled to be asked by Laura to share my living room with you.

Our Home is an open plan 1960's modern style house,  we use furniture and rugs to separate the living areas.  The space I am showing you today is at the front of the home and is the first you would see when coming in the front door.  A reception/hang out area, I'll put the kettle on, come in for a cup of tea!
Our home is what I would call a collected home, My husband Hamilton and I both love furniture and we have been picking up pieces that we dig throughout our relationship, so a lot of the pieces in our current home were not specifically bought for this space, but because we love them, we feel they work really well here.

Pretty much everything on this room is vintage apart from the sectional couch, which was a wedding gift and is quite contemporary in its style.  I am totally cool with the mix of new and old, and in a way it  is what defines modern eclectic design.
The persian rug was purchased by my mother in law at a garage sale.
The brass and lucite etageres are definitely favorites of mine! One was purchased on an online auction site and I always thought it would look better as a pair.  I was out shopping in some thrift stores when low and behold I found another matching piece, which I had to have.  It was a very lucky find and they were incredibly priced, both under $100 each.
I use them to display books and my ever growing decor magazine collection.  They keep all of my precious things safely away from the inquisitive hands of my little sons.

The landscape photograph here was shot by a local New Zealand artist Adam Custins and was a Christmas gift from my Husband.
The Bertoia chair was another online purchase, I love the shape and simplicity of its design.  It is a truly iconic and beautiful chair.

These 1920s lounge chairs were in a state of disrepair when I first got them from a thrift store.  I had them restored and recovered in this gorgeous grey velvet.  The velvet is not only completely yummy, but it is so serviceable,  Every spill wipes away with the greatest of ease.  I recommend velvet to anyone with pets or kids!

Our coffee table was another vintage find it has brass legs and a slab of Peruvian marble on top.  I love all the earthy tones and texture it gives especially when layered over the heavily patterned rug.
We have only been in our home for a few short months so there are always changes occurring!  Looking forward, I would like some billowing linen drapes for the window and also some kick ass lighting up in here! The whole place needs new lighting, the current fixtures make my eyes bleed, so I try not to look at them.

In a perfect world I would LOVE some Mouille sconce goodness, but I may have to strike it rich first or find some good replicas.
Do you have any lighting ideas for me?

Thanks for checking out my living room and come visit me at Four Under One Roof.
Love Yels xox


  1. Yels, you continue to amaze me. Love, love everything. Wish you and Laura lived closer, shopping with you two would be so much fun!

  2. LOVE Yelena! Her style is amazing. So fun to get to see peeks into my fav bloggers spaces :) I'm sure you come up with something fabulous for lighting Yelena! I see a great arc floor lamp or L. Adelman Chandelier. Have you seen Albertina's DIY version? http://mimosalaneblog.blogspot.com/2013/01/diy-lindsey-adelman-chandelier.html

  3. Thanks so much for having me Laura! Yels xox

  4. Looking amazing Yels, you know I love those velvet chairs! x


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