Jan 17, 2013

Mix & Match

Yesterday I spontaneously purchased this fabric. I have been searching for months for the perfect patterned textile to compliment our existing pillow cases and color scheme. I wasn't sure initially if I wanted to do a solid, or a pattern but I really love how this one incorporates much of our color scheme without feeling too over powering, it has a subtle cabbage pattern(how appropriate- we live in Cabbagetown!!). I love how it looks next to our pagoda inspired display cabinet, it ties in the pale blue.  I am always open to color, when we started to decorate I didn't really have a specific color scheme, but now we are just rolling with it!

I plan to make roman blinds, this is a heavier cotton so I feel good about how structured it will be when I create the blinds. We found it at Ikea, it is called Janette and was super well priced at $7.99/meter. I can't wait to see it up, I was holding it up earlier trying to imagine the final product. We have been so excited to get these in so our space feels more private and finished- finally we have settled on the fabric- Now all I need to do it find fabric to recover the orange chairs!! Love the orange- but at this point the color will clash too much with all of this chartreuse!

Here is a Mock Up- don't know if we will go with navy, for now that seems like the best solution + I love navy + white!! 

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