Jan 22, 2013

If I Were A Boy...

I love being a girl. I love dressing up in pretty things, I love pink and purples, watching chic flicks and sparkly things. Although I would love to go bananas with 50 Shades of Pink I have readjusted my aesthetic slightly to meet my guy half way. I think I have successfully maintained my personal style while introducing some masculin flair. That being said, our space is a reflection of my love of shiny finishes, stacks of fashion books, and hints of pink, but I have created a base of neutrals and then layered with different shades of blue & greens. The result is a space that is a refelction of both of our tastes. Our space will always be a work in progress, but I am happy to say that this is what it would look like "If I were a Boy". 

Come Visit Me over At HomeSav where I am pinning my fav Kelly Wearstler designs!!! 

** Happy Birthday Dad!! xoxo

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