Nov 16, 2012

The Things That Matter

We all know Nate Berkus as the stylish design guru Oprah would call in when it was time to re-vamp a doomed space, make someones dreams come true! From day 1 I was on the Nate band wagon,  he is bubbly, incredibly handsome, and through his design he heals and creates new life for the people living in the spaces. In these pages you will experience how thoughtful Nate is when he chooses the pieces he decorates with. He decorates with a strong sense of himself, but marries the best of his world with the best of his clients tastes. Yesterday I sat down and read through much of the book, it is a testament of a person who is a survivor, he looks at the world in such a beautiful way, and reminds me to love everyone in my life a little bit more, and take in every moment a little longer. His journey has been a great one, and he is just getting started. If you are into interior decorating  or love anything to do with the human spirit, and want to learn about the creative process, and story lines of the people who have touched his life, this is a must read.  The interiors are amazing just as amazing as the stories, I think I will be re-reading and referencing this one for a while. It is so honest it really spoke to me, I was laughing, crying, and so inspired- I hope you are too. 

Laura Collins Design will provide you with insight and guidance on how you can turn your home or office into a stylish reflection of your unique personality. Please contact me if you are interested in discussing the different design services I offer.

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