Sep 10, 2012

Weekend Snapshots

Hey All, Hope you had a GREAT Weekend! Blayre just got back from China, so happy to have him back home!! I can't wait for this week ahead, so busy so much to do- can't wait to tell you all about it! 

Disco Ball @ the St. Lawrence Market. Reminded me of this.
Treasure Chest- Cabbagetown Festival
Pretty Emerald Candlesticks at the Cabbagetown Festival- Should have picked these up, but I already have quite a few sets. 
Jenn Double Fisting- A&W and Bubble Gum Jones... YUMMY. Sugar High
My Sis and I enjoying some yummy soda pops- trying to hold onto any summery weather that remains. I loved the cool air though I must say, but I refuse to accept summer is "over". Did you notice- the Fall Plaid is out officially, watch out Queen West Hipsters!
Loved these lamps- Found at Meridith Heron's. Loved her home in Style at Home
Margherita Pizza Trattoria Nervosa- Celeb Stalking! ;) We did see Kimberley Newport Minram, I was excited! 
Tuna Salad- Nervosa. Sans Tuna!! Purple patates  

I couldn't resist picking up a bundle of these roses in Lavender. Ave & Dav best variety of wholesale flowers in the downtown area. 
Fresh Green Flowers
Vibrant fall flowers- Gorgeous Color Scheme
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Always Stay Graceful, 


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  1. love all these wholesale flowers! I need to find somewhere to get wholesale flowers here. flowers are ultra expensive here. graville island does not have these well priced bunches of flowers...i went down to seattle the other weekend and couldn't believe how CHEAP these huge elaborate bouquets were at pike place market...5 bucks!

    love those lamps too. gaw-jus.


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