Sep 11, 2012

Finding Inspiration

It is interesting how familiar we become in the spaces we create for ourselves. I try my best to look around me and take in what I enjoy in my space and then apply it in different ways. The other day I was talking about shopping your space to make it feel fresh and new. By introducing new fun colors for example with flowers of coffee table books, it is easy to introduce different color schemes throughout your home. By adding a pop of lavender I was able to lend a more feminine touch to a more masculine color palette. I have noticed that the same colors I enjoy in my home are often the colors I wear in my wardrobe. Inspiration can come in all shapes and forms- can't wait to add these pops colors into my fall line-up!!

Laura Collins Design will provide you with insight and guidance on how you can turn your home or office into a stylish reflection of your unique personality. Please contact me if you are interested in discussing the different design services I offer.

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