Sep 13, 2012

Covet List

1. I just adore Anderson Cooper. I love the new format of his show, he is so honest and open and insightful. He has such an interesting perspective of everything, love to hear his thoughts!

2. I have been listening to John Mayers new album a lot. I know he doesn't have the best public image, but I have seen him in concert twice and god is he talented. His words are really powerful, I love the country vibes- must listen.

3. Club Monaco is currently carrying the prettiest jewellery, I love this ring for fall, I want to indrodu more of this color to my wardrobe.

4. Whenever I am looking for inspiration I head over to Sequins & Stripes. I really admire Liz, she has such great taste, and at 26(my age) she has really inspired me to push my dreams to their fullest!

5. Lavender Roses are my fave right now. Add these to any space and you will instantly have a major dose of glamour!! xoxo

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