Aug 30, 2012

Foodie Inspiration

I am a foodie. I love going to new restaurants, I love trying new kinds of cuisines, I love eating deliciously smelly cheese-nuf said right? I think that is the definition of a foodie.... Anyways I saw these beautifully styled images and I had to share. The food looks incredibly yummy, but the color and the simplicity of the styling is what really drew me to it. There is a richness here that draws the creaminess of the cheese and the depth of the figs is simply divine, all of the colors work so harmoniously together. If you haven't ever tried the combination of honey, cheese, and fig- you must! Theis is a perfect starter to enjoy with guests- a simple charcuterie board, with some figs and cheese, and of course prosecco!!

These are fabulous colors to introduce into your life whether it be in food, decor, or fashion with fall.

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