Jul 2, 2012

To the Man I Love

Here's to my guy with the big blue eyes and the most gorgeous dirty blond hair- Look at this cute little blondie!! 
I would like to take the opportunity today to be a little mushy. It is Blayre's 27th birthday so I wanted to just write a few words to tell him how much I love him. Happy Birthday to my Be I adore you for everything that you are. We met at a young age and since being together have really evolved as people, and as a couple- and for that I am very proud. He is an intelligent, compassionate, hilarious guy, who honestly always puts his best foot forward and is always trying to better himself and make sure that everyone around him is happy. He has such a beautiful relationship with his mother(always make sure that is a quality your significant other has) he is kind to her, and respect and loves her, and I believe it was through her guidance raising him that she was able to create a person who is confident, humble, fiercely loyal and fearless, which are difficult qualities to come by. Through all of the jobs he has had(there have been many) he has always kept a sense of humor and a sense of himself, which I think can be difficult especially when it is not exactly a job you love, but that is what is so great about him- he never complains. I have a bad habit of complaining from time to time :) Trying to break that... and honestly while we help each other, one thing he has taught me is to just go out into the world and just be, be yourself, don't be afraid, stop worrying about what everyone else thinks, just go and do what makes you happy and who cares what everyone else thinks. He inspires me, and I love him more each day. I can't wait to see what the next years bring. There will be many. I love you always Be, I am lucky to know you as a human, and as the love of my life I am so blessed to have you, and I couldn't be happier that 16 years ago your mom came up to our new house on Strathcona Dr. to invite us over to your house!! xoxo 

Man's Best friend!! As soo as this little guy came home with us, these two were glued at the hip!! 
Blayre and Bruce on Little Boo's first outting... It was  so cold out ever few steps he would shake and cry... What a cute little baby!  I feel like their outfits were coordinated!
The love that I see him show Bruce is one of the sweetest things about him... He has a very soft side for Mr. Bruce Wayne!
I want to hold these hands till they are old and wrinkled!! Can you get hand botox?? Creepy!!
Look at us young bucks!! We are so cute!! In Montreal 2009- I think?
Our first place, we would take our couch and futon and fold it out into one enormous bed and then we would round up  all of the Mr. Noodles, cereal we could afford and watch movies till the sun came up! All of these graphic tee's were an every day staple might I add!! 
Soon after moving to Montreal your career started to take off, you are one of the most talented, creative, and passionate people I have ever met. You really inspire me, I tell you this on a daily basis- but really the love that you have for what you do is pretty awesome. Whatever it is that you love including Bruce and I & your family, you give it your all, you put your whole heart into it and that is what I love about you most. 
There will be yummy cake and home made pizza tonight! Love you sweety!! xoxo

Tomorrow I will return with a post a lot less lovey dovey- But I had to guys!! Happy day off fellow Canadians- enjoy, we will be heading off to the beach! xoxo

Always Stay Graceful,


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