Jul 18, 2012


Do you have aha moments in your own home? It can be confusing sometimes when you are constantly surrounded by the same things and even if you are smitten with it when you buy it, after months go by you can become confused by it and even begin to resent it.

Do you ever feel like this?

I love our entry table from Ikea, however the other night I was staring at it, and thought maybe it would be a good sideboard-after all that is why we purchased it in the first case. Well I love it so now I think it is staying there. That poses a slight problem as we no longer have an  entry console- all of our keys and other little trinkets have been stranded on nearby baskets. Also our lighting in the living room has become confused. 

My whole living room is getting on my nerves... I have always been like this. I need change, so I am rethink it- without getting too crazy. I also feel like this when I buy something new and then you end up having to shift everything around that one piece... It is fun of course, but difficult when you can't really step back to think objectively.

My mom is coming next week- maybe she will have some motherly insight??

I am alone here? I think everyone get a little crazy with there everyday surroundings sometimes.

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  1. Yes. everyday. God my office...i haven't had time to email you dimensions and get our little makeover going!

  2. really love this! i love those table lamps too! I actually have the same "side board" but i use it as a desk in our office it fits perfectly and the depth is short so it's nice for our smaller office.

    I often feel the same and always want to rearrange my living room/dining room and switch it but what inhibits me from doing so is this IKEA insanity that i spent over 48 hours installing into the wall of my place...otherwise known as the media unit (cue frightening music now). I actually want to tear it down though and just get a nice tv stand/unit something for restoration or pottery barn. or maybe a more asian look? not sure yet.

    The only thing I am concerned about is maybe what to put around my tv unit after i take everything down. right now it's surrounded by books, shelves, light, etc but it would be bare after. That might be a good idea for a post? what to do with a wall behind tv unit??

    Ok love everything. thank you. etc. xoxo


Thanks so much for all of the lovely comments!
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