Jun 11, 2012

How Sweet It Is...

Hope you all had a fab weekend! Last night we flew back from Calgary. This was one of the best trips there, it was really hard to leave. I was totally that girl crying at the airport security into her moms arms- I really hate leaving my parents... I know I am being mushy but I guess the older I get the more appreciative I get. Why is it that when we live with our parents for all of those years we can't just sit back and enjoy there perspective and wisdom? Really I am lucky that we get along so well and enjoy each others company- needless to say I had a great time with them,  and can't wait till the visits become more frequent!

Instead of the regular post about the new bedding I bought I wanted to photograph Baby Brucey in all of his glory modelling on it.... Here he is relaxed and loving the new duvet cover. It feels so tranquil in here. My goal is to create a bed that we can sink into at the end of the day, and feel cozy in as a family(Bruce too). So without further ado, here is our bedding from Superstore(who knew they did bedding- why not, looks great!), I still have to buy new pillows for my new Kate Spade pillow cases(stay tuned), and of course Bruce the model!

Cheers to another productive week ahead friends. xoxo

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