May 23, 2012

Blue Lagoon

Heidi Merrick's home on the Glitter Guide
There is something so soothing about the color clue. Since I was a little girl I have loved swimming and being in the ocean, I think that has translated into a love of using blue, turquoise, and green in my adult life as a decorator. All of the colors that I love the most are cool and airy- I myself am an Aries(which is a fire sign), but something about the way that they pair with metallics and whites is most appealing.
               Is there a certain color that you respond to when decorating?

New pillows cases arrived at my clients the other day and boy do they ever make a difference. They look contemporary and chic in the space- now we just have to figure out what art to use above the sofa!

Really vibrant abstract piece of art I came across at a garage sale recently in my neighbourhood- usually I am not a huge yellow fan, but in this circumstance I am realyl diggin' it!

Love decorating with crystal and acrylic objects- there is instantly a really interesting amount of depth created. I love using paper weights too to add dimension. 
Chinatown- stunning elephant side tables- such a fantastic price- would add flair to any space.
Heidi Merrick's home on the Glitter Guide         
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  1. this all looks lovely...i will email you soon!

  2. I love those pillowcases Laur!


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