May 4, 2012

Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

I love our neighbourhood, when we first decided to move to Toronto I researched all of the different areas. There were definitely many areas of interest but one in particular really caught my eye. We looked high and low for a place in Cabbagetown, however because of the time crunch and the lack of availability we ended up moving to King West. We loved it there, but part of me always wondered about Cabbagetown, and I remained intrigued. After the first year in our King West condo, we decided to take a leap of faith and move to the East side of T.Dot. I am so happy we did, we ended up in such an enchanting part of the city, there are beautiful flowers, and wrought iron gates everywhere, and a plethora of Victorian homes- in fact- and don't quote me(so I guess I shouldn't have said in fact...), I think that C-Town has the most restored Victorian homes in North America! Oh yes, it is historical, there are plenty of stained glass windows and historical plaques to go along with that! So if you are visiting Toronto, or looking for something to do on the weekend with your children or significant other, Riverdale Farm boasts  lovely grounds with adorable farm animals, and charming Beatrix Potter- like scenery & every Tuesday beginning May 17th, there is a farmers market that takes place right beside the farm, where you will find me and my two Be's!! 

So here I am bragging about our neighbourhood- what do you love about yours? 

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