Apr 17, 2012

Magic Nursery Baby

Today we popped by the nursery at the end of our street- they have such a lovely variety of beautiful bright plants. It was hard to choose which ones to buy, but I was so inspired previously by this post by Sarah that I had to buy these succulents. I also picked up a lovely candle holder today at Kendall & Co. Interior Design earlier today- it adds a hint of glamour, especially when placed on top of my pretty new book.

Here are some shots of how I displayed them- I sure I will be moving them around a lot because they look great everywhere

I love to try and create subtle repetition in the home, for example different pieces in gold/brass & geometric shapes & shades of blues + greens

                                                             A view from the top

A peek inside my new book In the Spirit of St. Barths- so beautiful, the pictures inside are so dreamy, it is truly paradise

Always Stay Graceful,


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  1. They look so lovely!! ( I need that book!!! ) I'll daydream my day away :) xo


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