Apr 16, 2012

Home Sweet Home

It is so good to be back. After two of the most incredible weeks in Japan we are back in Toronto- and I must say it feels awesome! Today Brucey got dropped off- he stays at a friends place on a farm(he LOVES it there), it was the best feeling every to see his sweet little face again. I really missed him, I feel complete again!! Everything is strewn across the house, I am trying to get everything back together, slowly but surely! Lots of washing to do- it feels so good though to clean everything, like a fresh beginning. I just truned 26 while we were in Tokyo, I had many thoughts about where I want my life to go, and what the next steps will be. I am looking forward to get things started!

We didn't go crazy buying stuff- like I expected too, but I brought back a few special pieces, that I am excited to incorporate into my everyday life. I discovered that I am not really a Harajuku girl, their looks are so crazy and fun, but I don't think that it is meant for me in my day to day life- I definitely love their freedom to express themselves in the craziest costumes I have ever seen! I am more of a Muji/Uniqlo girl, more understated and classic- however I will try and add a little more flare to my daily outfits. Anyways it felt incredible to sleep in our bed last night, after such a long day of travel yesterday it was so great to be back in our place- loving it more than ever! So I am back for normal posts now, happy to be writing again! xox

There were so many varieties of nail polish and nail art- I can't wait to try these! I need to grow out my nalis a little and then I can't wait to try out the leopard print stickers.

Cute bows- I did wear them and opposed to feeling like I was a little girl I actually thought they were quite sophisticated!

Messy desk everything is thrown around the place in lieu of our return

New addition to the bedroom- from the St. Lawrence Market

I had to partake in the bow trend in Japan- Bow cuff

Gorgeous monogrammed paper coasters from Laduree, that happen to have the letter L embossed in gold on them- I am planning to get these framed for above my desk

It was such an amazing feeling to see Bruce run towards us today! I missed him so much- family reunited- he is totally settled in an ran around the house like a crazy man when he got home!! He is totally pooped now and has passed out on the bed. Love it.

I love buying flowers when we get home from a trip, it totally revitalizes a space instantly and makes it feel like home.

New tie dyed bowl we bought at the Tsujuki Fish Market in Tokyo. I really loved this piece, it was really inexpensive, and totally fit into our space/colour scheme.

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