Mar 26, 2012

Monday, Monday

Here are some snapshots around the house this weekend. What beautiful weather we have been having in Toronto- in my neighbourhood tulips, and daffodils are sprouting, squirels are running wild and free, and once again I am enjoying popsicles - I love this time of year.

My birthday is April 9th when Spring rolls around I can't help but feel excited. This year I will be 26 and for me that really feels like a big one. My mom got married to my dad when she was 26 so this year has always felt so "adult" to me. It felt so far away and to think that it is just around the corner is so crazy. Blayre and I will be in Japan for my birthday and my parents and sister will be joining up so I am beyond excited. We will begin our journey by travelling to Kamakura about 50 Km S-S-W of Tokyo- Land of cherry blossoms, ancient shrines, and gorgeous mountains and sea surroundings. I have always been dying to go to Asia and cannot wait to experience the food and the culture. I have heard so many incredible things about Japan and of course from movie and the internet it doesn't feel as foreign(as well as my love of Japanese food). I adore Tokyo fashion, I love everything about the pop culture it is so quirky and bizarre to me, the people are so friendly and the surroundings look breathtaking. I just can't wait to take it all in- and I also can't wait to scope out some of the interior trends. I will keep you posted while we are away!

On another note here are some pictures from around the house this weekend. Enjoy!

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  1. your home looks lovely...i totally hear you with japan. my best friend is out there, I'm totally jealous. You will love it. Dont' forget to pick up some orgami & washi tape....ahh...26 so young. :)

  2. you will love Japan. it's my absolutely favorite place in the whole world! Honestly so magical!


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