Mar 27, 2012

Coffee Talk

Today I wanted to try and create a few different coffee table decor schemes & share some ideas of what might be fun coffee table toppers. I Windexed my coffee table, cleared everything off, gathered all of my books and decorative items and thought of a "themes". Here are the ones I came up with- I really enjoyed doing this hope you enjoy! If you have a theme in mind before you create your space- even if it is really abstract and random like "Parisienne Beach" it guide you more when you are making purchases for your space.
One more thing, it was a race against time as the sun was setting- so you can see the progression as the pictures get slightly darker!

Clear that baby off- so you can "shop" all of your items. I love having a glass table because I can load stuff onto it without feeling like I am weighing down the space, it continues to feel light and airy.

Try to buy a new coffee table book every pay check.... It will really help you in your decorating process to build levels and create visual interest- plus it will add to your library.

Start by choosing some book that compliment each other and find a tray you can place them in. I really wanted strong pieces for this look.

Next I like to lay things out in a grid. I usually divide the surface into 1/4's so that each quadrant can serve a purpose- and it is easier to fill that way and create balance.

Play around with the surface until everything fits like a puzzle.

Make sure to stack the books high, but play with the heights by adding pieces that will draw your eyes up.
Then the who table is at the same height it looks under decorated and dull.

Add quirky pieces like this dish from Anthropologie.

Don't forget to use coasters!!

I wanted to choose daintier reflective pieces that felt feminine and glamourous- with a touch of vintage.

I also went for more feminine colors like purples, lilacs, reds & soft blues.

Try to stack books that are in the same color family to create an ombred effect.

I wanted to use pieces that were more eclectic for this theme. When I think of world travel I think of someone who collects pieces from every journey and has a random assortment of interesting memories that they have purchased.

Lots of candles, and some pops of color- but more neutral based color.

Finally I created this vignette that will now stay in the living room. I wanted to create something timeless so I went with blues, reds, and golds- I love how it turned out.

I find that this really has a balance of masculin and feminine- as you can see it is divided into 4 sides

Monochromatic display + metallics- Try it!

Stacks of books + trays, you an never go wrong- just continue adding storage items like small boxes onto the trays and books and you will see how simple it is to create small vignettes

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  1. I couldn't have visited at a better time. I just ordered a new glasstop coffee table and it is arriving next week...perfect inspiration for me!

  2. So happy to hear that- send me pictures when you get the table!!

  3. Decorating your coffee table helps the room to take on a cohesive, finished appearance. Base the decorating methods for your coffee table on the decor found in other areas of the room.


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