Mar 19, 2012

Inspiring Design

When I see a room that is immaculately decorated there is usually a certain je ne c'est quoi that I cannot quite put my finger on. It might be something about the wall color, it might be the art, it might be the small details. What ever that special something is, there needs to be a balance of sorts.
Here are some really inspiring interiors. I love the one above, all of different shades of lavender above are gorgeous, I love the combination of the lavender with the gold. I love the texture of the chairs, the different size of the art work on either side of the fireplace, the high ceiling are to die for.... This quite easily could have been far too feminine, but I think that the artwork and the carpet provide a balance.

I love the mix of antique and contemporary pieces in this space. The white couch provides the perfect backdrop for some of the richness the other furniture provides. I love the French country vibe, gorgeous gold gilded mirror, the Louix XIV, and the brass side tables.

This is my favorite room- I love the Moroccan styled mirrors, they all so much character to this space. I love that this room is contemporary rather than being a "theme" room. I love that raw elements like the wood side tables, as well as relaxed chairs fill the space.

This is such a great nook, instead of a wasted space under the stairs, I would love to curl up here with a blanket and read a great book!

I love the bold color on these chairs. They create such an impact on the rest of the room that there is really no need to over decorate any other area of the room. This room has great style without being too much.

Love all of the blues in this room, so classic Nantucket. The ginger jars, with the hydrangeas, and the indigo blue couch is absolutely stunning. I also love the tall lamps on the console behind the couch, and the white ocean inspired accents.

All of the different shades of blue in this room are unreal. I love the soft mauve colored artwork on the blue wall. I love the textured rug that really brightens up the rest of the room, I like the symmetry of the room- so fantastic.

The scale of the image behind the bed is unreal- wow impact!!

The acrylic table, with the Manhattan print in the background is crazy- you get to see the full image, meanwhile you are able to layer beautiful pieces in front. LOVE.

Great gallery wall- such a fresh and slightly retro room.

After scanning through all of the images above I noticed a color trend- I can't stay away from color!!

What kind of room do you love??

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