Jan 4, 2012

South American Vacation: Part 3

Day 4 we spent exploring beautiful Porto Belo, Brazil. The water was so stunning, the greenery was lush and the beaches were incredible. We were fortunate enough to carter a boat and get "door to door" beach service. The boat would park itself in the sea and we would all jump off the boat, swim, and bask in the sun!

This location was my favorite, the house a top of the hill was super "Architects Digest", I tried to imagine who lived there, there was also a beach side drink spot - it all really reminded me of a Massimo Vitali shoot.

We were on this really tiny boat- as seen above, and this pirate like ship cruised by us. It was like a scene from Arrested Development- sans Tobias
The View from the ship

Another amazing breakfast. Every day we ate far more than we needed too. Now its payback time. Hitting the gym everyday!

The 3rd beach we hopped out at

Another shot of the beach

I will be back tomorrow with more photos!! It is so much fun to look through all of these pictures and relive the memories!! xoxo

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