Jan 3, 2012

South American Vacation: Part 2

Day three, we arrived in a beautiful place called Ilhabela in Brazil. Once we arrived at the port we arranged to go to a beautiful waterfall, a natural water slide, and end off on an incredible beach. There was lots of fun, and the sun was hot. I somehow managed not to burn- so it was a success!!

Before the days adventure we had breakfast on the deck in our room- such luxury

Stop Number 1- Beautiful waterfall

Next we arrived at a natural waterpark. All of the rock has been smoothed over, over time, and the locals used it as a bathing pool, and recreation area. The locals that were at the site were doing insane stunts- I think that the majority of what they were doing were be seen as illegal and a death sentence in North America- they were literally diving with inches to spare on either side of them- into a natural spring- it was insane... You really had to be there to believe it.

Entering the natural waterpark

Sliding down the rock- it was really smooth. The locals would stand up and surf down!
Take note of the man diving into the shallow waters. This is strictly for professional that have lived here since birth. There was a little dip about 1 square meter wide that was about 3 meters deep that he somehow was able to dive into... It was crazy!

On our way to the beach- passing many stunners in the process

Another incredible view

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