Jan 26, 2012

Navy & Gold

Trying to add more color and polish to my wardrobe

Do you ever feel like you need to add more "Grown Up" pieces to your wardrobe? Well, that's me on a daily basis. I see people that are perfectly groomed, polished and dressed and I wonder "What time does one get up in the morning to achieve this?", "What products are they using?", "Where are they shopping", and the list goes on and on. Well I suppose it is baby steps, one piece at a time I am trying to add pretty pieces of jewelry, pretty flats, scarves, and textures to add more polish and sophistication to my wardrobe. It is crazy how much time I spend wondering if I will be under dressed, what others will be wearing, and what my next purchase should be- that will take my wardrobe to the "Next level"

I am so excited to meet all kinds of bloggers tomorrow at Blog Podium! Wonder what they'll be wearing...

Here are some fun things I picked up today.

Do you ever feel like this??

Funky ankle zip

Loved this zip element

Chunky bracelet, kind of like some of the ones I have seen at J. Crew

I spied these at Zara today

Ta-Da! Incredible sale- so exciting, another purchase for Japan! Can't wait to wear then when all of the slush is gone.
Up close & Personal
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  1. I have to agree! I always feel like I don't put anywhere near the effort I should into my day-to-day look.

    SooOOO...I am slowly acquiring a high-quality wardrobe that will take me through a few years from Club Monaco and the likes. I figure pay $100 for a silk top I will have for 5-6 years or $30 for a cheap shirt from forever 21 that will wear out in less than 1 season. Of course there is always room for a few trend pieces in the closet :)

  2. Too funny, I wrote about the exact same thing this morning! Check it out
    see you at BlogPodium!
    p.s. eyed those shoes last night and they didn't have my size!

  3. Hey Misty- so excited for tomorrow, see you early in the morning!! Laura

  4. Jocelyn says, It's the accessories that pull the outfit together". :-)

  5. shoes are killer!! hope to bump into you too!

  6. Me too I was JUST looking at your blog!

  7. I agree with Anela. I find I go back to my french connection and club monaco piece 5 years later and they still feel fresh and current.

    One rule I've made is not to buy cheap constume jewelry, because it downgrades outfits. Spend a little more on a few higher quality accessories that you LOVE and you will wear them for the rest of your life :) just my 2 cents


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