Jan 25, 2012

Egg Shell

Yesterday I finished a small project that I have been wanting you do for a while. I purchased a small side table at my local thrift store Double Take(pretty awesome) for $8. Originally, I had placed it in my living room but something about it just wasn't right.

So I decided to give it a coat of paint to spruce it up a little. The upstairs bathroom really hasn't had that much love so I am now taking small steps to get it to a "better, more loved" place. It has been neglected!

So here is the finished product- I used Home Hardware's store brand Beauty-Line in Egg Shell. I am pretty happy considering the cost of everything- now I need to do some decorating!!

Bruce loves to get his picture taken...

Have a fab day! xoxo

2 more days till Blog Podium

Always Stay Graceful,



  1. Laura - this is so fun - you are fantastic!

  2. Wow it looks amazing! It turned out great. It reminds me of the flinstones rock Vegas.
    Love Jenn


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