Oct 20, 2011

Caramel Apple Cheesecake

Mmmmm Fall, Don't you just love it? I adore the feeling of curling up beside a fireplace (in my case a candle lit room) and watching movies- like When Harry Met Sally (One of my favorite movies in fall)

Recently I was inspired by caramel apples, and decided to create this cheesecake. Now, I don't know if it already exists- so sorry if this isn't original!!!

What you will need:

- 1 Pack of cream cheese
- A few scooperoonies of Brown Sugar
- I stick of unsalted Butter
- 1 Container Mascarpone Cheese
- 3-4 Apples of your choice( I used Granny Smith)
- 1 Pack of ground Graham Craker
- Pecans(or Nut of your choice)
- Cinnamon

Okay- Number 1- Set the oven to about 375°

So first of all you will need to get your pie tray out- I just purchase a few tin foil ones that you can get rid of later- but if you have your own fantastic

Then you will create the pie crust by taking a cup and a half of the Graham cracker crumbs and combining it with about a 1/4 cup of melted butter. Add more butter if you feel that the crumbs are not sticking together.

When you have created a mixture that almost feels like you could build a sand castle, you are ready to place into the pie tray and mould it to the side, until it has taken on the shape.

You are now ready to place it in the over for about 20-30 minutes while it bakes(watch it closely so that it doesn't burn)

Now we can begin the filling- Take the package of cream cheese and about 1 and a half cups of the mascarpone cheese and mix with a hand mixer until it is creamed- add the brown sugar as you like. You can determine this way how sweet you want it to be. Also if you would like you can sprinkle a few teaspoons of cinnamon into the filling. If you feel as if you need more filling for your tray, add more of the mascarpone cheese.

Basically the "cream cheese filling" is now done, so if you were making a cheesecake you would be done more or less. Very simple right?

At this point you should have removed the pie crust and let it cool. You can now spoon the cream cheese filling)with the help of a luke warm spatula(that you can continue to dip in hot water-to make it a simpler task, and to avoid ripping the crust off of the pie tray)

Leave this to bake for another 10 minutes or so. and then place on a heating rack- or plate- or fridge.... Doesn't really matter

Now the Apples, cut up the apples in small sections- it doesn't really matter what then look like as at the end of it you will be pouring the "caramel" over it anyways and it will harden over top.

Grab a small pot and grab the apples you have cut and few sprinklings of cinnamon and close the pot- until they have softened, but remain slightly firm.

To create the caramel topping: Place in a small saucepan a few tables spoons of butter and add the same amount of brown sugar- watch closely, until the brown sugar begins to caramelize. Add the pecans in you like- it ads a nice flavour.

Remove the caramel from heat when it is finished.

Now take the apples that have been simmering, and place then on top of the cheese. When you are please with the arrangement, pour the caramel sauce over top and place in the fridge.

All you need to do now if let it sit in the fridge for about an hour until everything solidifies.

This cheesecake is dangerously good- so try not to eat the whole thing!!

Perfect with a cup of tea.

Hope you Enjoy, it is really easy I swear, even if it sounds complex!

Let me know if you make it!

Always Stay Graceful, L.

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  1. I have been having the worst craving for sweets lately! This sounds so so so good. I think I might give it a shot this weekend

    PS. those tables you got off CL are awesome :)


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