Oct 10, 2011

Be Italian

Ciao Everyone!!

I just returned from Italy so please forgive my absence!! Good reason right?? Internet is a little more scarce, and I am not really fond of internet cafés... I am very thankful by the way that we have a whole day to unwind- the trip was amazing and also very exhausting, so yes very grateful and also Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all- Canadians!

We began our trip in Rome, at this time of the year the weather is perfect. It was warm enough for us to walk around in shorts and skirts(well I did- Blayre didn't), and there is also a lovely breeze that was much appreciated! We have already done all of the touristy things in previous trips so this time we focused our time on eating all of the amazing food that was offered, drinking(My drink of choice on this trip was Bellini's) and walking aimlessly discovering things - which in my opinion is my favorite, that is how you discover the best things that are "Off the Beaten Track".

Then we ventured to Venice- or rather Venizia. It really met all of my expectations- as I have bene dreaming about it for years and really had it on a pedestal. It was beautiful, romantic and also somewhat mysterious. To get lost in the maze of Venice while it is getting dark is spooky, and enchanting. The Venetians carry on with their everyday lives, while the tourists get lost in the dimly lit streets. The Grand Canal is really breathtaking and it is amazing that a place like this is still in existence without any form of transportation- aside from walking and traveling along the canal. It is (aside from all of the tacky street vendors) almost as if you are trapped in a distant era, it is so incredible to think about all of the history there!

After a fabulous stay in Venice, we headed to San Gimignano- a medieval town that is surrounded by a wall, and resided high upon a hill. We stayed at a fabulous hotel, had "The World's Best Gelato", and saw the most gorgeous scenery. The vineyards are the most beautiful I have ever scene!

At this point we had been gone about a week and had somehow managed to do a large amount of travel- as one does in Europe I suppose!! Then we ventured to Tuscany to shoot an Elle & Be wedding. We rented a Vespa, tutted up and down the hills with mounds of equipment- it was so much fun, and probably kind of hysterical to see at the same time! The experience was fabulous, the couple was so welcoming. We participated in a cooking class with them, and then headed into Cortona(where scenes for Under the Tuscan Sun were filmed). I will post the video when it is finalized, Blayre did a fantastic job as usual.

Finally we headed back to Roma for a last day of relaxation! So there you go, a recap of a very very busy two weeks. I will be posting more in days to come- So happy to be home with Bruce, I missed him so so much! On Thursday off to Calgary for five days for another wedding, then next week some normality will resume.

Thanks Be for the most incredible Italian Adventure- you are the best!!

Venizia- in our Gondola ride- Yes, we had to take one... How could we not??

The Colosseum

Blayre filming- I love seeing him shoot, I am just so proud of him

A fabulous Bellini- This alone is perfection

Blayre standing beside one of the more popular and hysterical vehicles
*Note he is two times bigger than it!!

Always Stay Graceful,




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Always Stay Graceful,
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