Mar 1, 2011

Mary M: And the Oscar Goes Too...

L.C. Once again the Academy Awards have come and gone, with lots of fabulous films, speeches, and anticipation out of the way I have a special guest to give her take on how the night went down!!

Mary M. who I interviewed a few weeks ago, is joining us for her rundown of the Oscars 2011 Hits & Misses!! Enjoy!!

L.C. Yay!!

M.M. The Oscars… Hollywood’s biggest night!

In terms of the fashions, I have to say I was overall really impressed by the stars this year!

My picks for best/worst dressed at the Academy Awards:

Best Dressed

§ Anne Hathaway – Stunning red gown that she walked the red carpet in. Who could ask for a better escort… Valentino himself! I love the back detailing of the dress, and her diamond wreath necklace. Lovely!

§ Mila Kunis – Lots of purple on the carpet this year. This was very feminine and I love the way it looks on her with her dark hair! Gorgeous!

§ Natalie Portman – This was a truly beautiful dress, I have to admit I was kind of scared to watch her acceptance speech after her Golden Globe one, but she looked really elegant in the aubergine gown and matching beaded tassel earrings.

§ Hailee Steinfeld – this dress is so pretty, and while on the red carpet she mentioned working with the designers at Marchesa to pull together this lovely look.

Best Dressed Men

§ Andrew Garfield is in every way lovely… Handsome face and gentle voice. His suit was pure perfection.

§ Jeremy Renner – I have had a thing for him since watching The Town. He’s kind of naughty looking too in that bad boy way which I like, especially when he’s dressed up super formal in that luxurious YSL tux.

§ Justin Timberlake – Another celebrity crush, looking very nice Mr. Timberlake. Ps: you look yummy!

§ Hugh Jackman – Great from head-to-toe. I really thought he looked great in that double breasted tuxedo. 5 o’clock shadow suits him well too.

Hottest Couples

§ Jason Statham & Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

§ Javier Bardem & Penelope Cruz

§ Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman

Worst Dressed

§ Cate Blanchett – Really bad… Thought that it would grow on me, but it looks like things are growing on her… The beading almost looks “warty”. Very alien-esque with a little bit of nursery-rhyme-gone-wrong. She is an exquisite woman and almost the most talented actresses in the world; this dress was a miss!

§ Marisa Tomei – I am very fond of Marisa Tomei, but I personally did not care for her choice of gown. It didn’t appear to fit very well, and while I didn’t mind the color, the style was not the most flattering.

L.C. Mary!!! You are Amazing!! Thank you so much!!

P.S. Who were your favorites, who did you think was off point?? My faves were:

Mandy Moore, Jennifer Lawrence and Gwyneth Paltrow as usual!!

My Favorite Pics:

And last but not least...Tah Dahhhhhh: All of Anne Hathway's Dresses Thanks to Rachel Zoe... I DIE!!

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