Feb 16, 2011

Interview: Mary M.

Let me give you a quick run down about Mary M.

One could mistake Mary for a girl that was bred on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. She is a very dear friend of mine from Calgary (which is where I grew up). As far back as I can remember, Mary has always been exceptionally stylish and knowledgeable about the world of fashion. Put her in a room with Karl Lagerfeld, and this spunky little lady could hold her ground! She has impeccable taste, she has been an avid shopper since middle school- and she has the most incredible sense of humour- she is so quick witted, with an incredible amount of poise. We could talk fashion for hours.

This is the third interview I have done now, and I am so excited to share this one with you! It has been a long time coming that I wanted to collaborate with Mary for something on my blog, I feel like she has great wisdom and insight to share with anyone who is interested in the Fashion world, and a lot of great tips for 2011, Thank you so much Mary, I think everyone will really enjoy reading this!!

Love you! xoxo

L.C.Who is your Fashion Icon?
M.M.My great aunt Jean - she is the epitome of grace and elegance and has, without a doubt the finest collection of clothes and shoes I have ever seen.

L.C. Most recent splurge- or favorite new purchase?
M.MI recently bought a Gucci mini skirt - it’s powder blue, with a black zipper right up the front.

L.C.If you could go to any Fashion Show who's would it be?
M.M.I can’t just pick one...
Chado by Ralph Rucci
Donna Karan
Zac Posen
Dior Couture by John Galliano.

L.C. What would you describe to be your fashion "trademark" ?

M.M.Beautiful high heels.

L.C.Are there some similarities or consistencies in the aesthetic of your "Fashion idols" and your own personal style?
M.MI wear what I feel comfortable in, I’m not really one who follows trends. I wear what looks good on me - classic and timeless clothing.

L.C.One thing I will never wear or own is:

M.M.a one shoulder/asymmetrical top or dress.

L.C. What is Spring 2011's "It" outfit
M.M.I think wearing a monochromatic outfit is so stylish - a all beige/nude or light grey outfit for the spring. I am really into off-the-shoulder tops right now, they look great paired with a slim pencil skirt and some heels.

I love shoes, especially vintage shoes and I think nude stilettos for the spring/summer are a must have - patent leather or something with an ankle strap is always sexy. Camel leather strapy sandals are another staple. I bought a pair on sale from Ann Taylor that have equestrian buckles and white stitching that I love. Clothing does not have to be expensive to look lovely. It’s all about having good taste and the way you put an outfit together.

M.M.Bloomingdales, but I’d rather have a day at Saks Fifth Avenue or Nordstrom, the service is impeccable.

L.C. Serena or Blair?


L.C.What are your 10 "Must Haves"
Red or pink leather gloves
Heirloom/antique jewellery
Cross body bags
Wolford opaque stay-up stockings
Pearl bracelets
Ray Ban wayfarer sunglasses
Soft cowl neck or off-the-shoulder sweaters
Vintage Pucci scarves
J.Crew coats - double cloth carlin coat, or trench coats for Spring

L.C. What is your go to color?

M.M.White and black are always elegant.

L.C.Favorite Movie?
M.MLove Actually

L.C. Favorite place in the world/most Romantic place in the world?
M.M.My favorite place, Honolulu, Hawaii. It’s Heavenly, there’s no other place like it.

L.C.Most Romantic Place?

M.M.Lake Louise is really romantic, I love being surrounded by nature. It’s gorgeous there all the time, summer or winter.

L.C. Signature Scent?
M.M.Viktor & Rolf “Flowerbomb” has always been a favorite of mine, as is Salvatore Ferragamo’s “Incanto Bloom”. I was given Gilly Hicks “La Perouse” as a Christmas present and have been wearing that daily, it’s so light and delicious.

L.C. Favorite Blog?
M.M.Gracefully Searching

Always Stay Graceful Mary M.,

You are such a lady!

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  1. She sounds fabulous! I'd love to spend a day sipping martinis and shopping with her. Great post.


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