Dec 20, 2010

Interview: Sofie Marricks

 I have a treat, I interviewed a very dear friend for a new series I am going to do called Interview(how Original I know!!) I did one previously with Kellie Collis from Ada and Darcy which may be seen here!
Sofie's Mini Bio:
London born Marricks has always been drawn towards the arts. With her strikingly beautiful looks, and knack for drawing and painting it is no surprise that she chose a career as a Make-up Artist. As a younger girl she was always dabbling with with different beauty techniques, always leaving people to wonder what eye shadow she would be wearing the next time you saw her! After working with MAC Cosmetics for several years she learned how to truly perfect her passion- but I am sure that the love affair is not over! Now living in Vancouver and working as a Project Leader at a growing company there is no doubt that her colleagues will be coming to her for beauty advice! Thanks so much Sofie, loved your answers- and I even picked up a few tricks Hope you all enjoy!! xoxo
Please check out her blog it is fabulous!!

L.C. :Favorite look right now??
S.M. :I have to say I just watched Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan and while Natalie Portman's stage makeup was obviously amazing, it was all ballerina's the dewy perfect skin that really caught my eye! Perfect flawless skin with a natural fresh pinkness in the cheeks is a great way to start anyone's look.
I've also been loving a sheer coat of a Barbie pink lipstick - it's something fun and bright in Vancouver's cloudy weather =)

L.C. :How do you take your look from day to night?
S.M. :Throw on more eyeliner! Specifically for me, in the waterline - my favorite is MAC's fluid line in "Blacktrack" with an angled brush. I'll pare that with a medium-dark shimmery shade shadow such as MAC's "Satin taupe" or "Bronze".

L.C. :What is the one product you could not live without?
S.M. :How can I choose just one?! I guess it'd have to be mascara - My lashes grow straight down and look non existent with out it - my favorite is the waterproof Covergirl Lashblast...and trust me I've tried everything from department store brands to Sephora and it's this drugstore gem that does the trick!

L.C. :What is a great trick you have learnt over the years?
S.M. :Using a peach colored concealer to cover up dark circles. I had always thought that you use a concealer lighter than your skin - no way! For undereye circles it has to maybe even be a bit darker. It totally changes my face! Depending on how dry/oily my skin is I alternate between Laura Mercier Secret Camoflague (which is great because it has 2 colors which you can mix) and MAC Studio Finish Concearler in NW25.
Also, when using eyeliner in the waterline set it with the same colored eyeshadow on top - it makes it stay much longer.

L.C. :Make-up moment of the past that makes you cringe?
S.M. :It's definitely the weird lip liner I wore in junior high and early high school - It was just a bit too dark and it made my lips look huge and not in a good way. Also, over plucking my eyebrows. There are actually a lot of pictures of me in high school that scare me haha!

L.C. :What is your daily routine:
S.M. :I wash and cleanse my skin and then use a moisturizer with SPF 30 (I love SKOAH face lotion), then mix MAC studio fix fluid with a face primer to thin it out. I set everything with lose powder (I alternate between a bunch, NARS has a great one). Then I brush a clear brow gel through my eyebrows and use a MAC Eye shadow in "Charcoal Brown" to fill in my brows. I'll do a thin line of MAC fluid line along my upper lash line and wing it out a bit and then curl and coat my lashes with mascara. I'll use bronzer to contour my cheekbones and warm my face up a bit (I never ever tan so I fake it) and then use a fluffier blush brush to dab a little bit of blush (usually NARS "Desire") on the apples of my cheeks. If I feel like it I'll throw on a nude pink lipstick (such as MAC's "Faux") and that’s it!

L.C. :Best advice your Mom ever gave you about make-up- or anyone for that matter!
S.M. :Hmmm my Mom...I'm pretty sure she told me to wear sunscreen. Which i do every day. But the best advice I've been given is to use serums - they make skin look amazing!

L.C. :Make-up bag?
S.M. :The one I use in my purse is from Agnes B - it's the perfect size and it has a cute picture of the Eiffel Tower is a daily reminder of my Paris dreams =)

L.C. :What is your signature fragrance?
S.M. :I love love LOVE Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir - it's the only thing I wear. It's quite subtle but very sexy.

L.C. :Most expensive item in your make-up bag?
S.M. :Hmmm..the most expensive thing I put on my face are serums from both Skoah and Caudalie.

L.C. :Least expensive?
S.M. :Good old cherry chapstick - it moisturizes my lips and gives it a pretty color instead of white like other chapsticks.

L.C. :Travelling is at peak season do you have any travel tips?
S.M. :Drink lots of water and do a moisturizing mask when you get off the plane. Bring makeupwipes instead of your facewash - so it doesnt explode in your suitcase.

L.C. : Who is your all time most "Iconic" Beauty?
S.M. :I love the women of Mad Men especially Joan Holloway (played by Christina Hendricks) - I swear there is a pale red head inside of me waiting to get out! I actually look any woman of the 60's - Jean Shrimpton, Bridgette Bardot - These women are so glamorous and gorgeous and I feel like the 60's was the last of an era where people still made an effort with fashion and beauty and it was still timeless looking.

L.C. : Well said, thanks so much for all of the advice, great answers!!

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