Oct 13, 2010

Interview: Ada and Darcy

Kellie Collis is one busy lady!

With an online boutique just about to launch, I was lucky enough to ask one of my Interior Design Idols a little bit about her world, her icons, what inspires her, and just where does the name Ada and Darcy come from!

One again thank you so much to Kellie Collis in Australia who graciously agreed to answer all of my questions! Your words and work and daily inspiration leave us all anticipating your next post, and if you have yet to view Kellie's Site please view here.

Continue to check by her site as she will give us all more information about her new online boutique!!

Here is how our "Interview" went:

L.C. Who is your Fashion Icon?
K.C I'd have to say right now Olivia Palermo, always stylish and looking perfect!
L.C. Does your fashion sense translate into your design aesthetic?
K.C. Yes definitely, I love colour and love "more is more"

L.C. Where did the name Ada and Darcy come from?
K.C. My Nan was Doreen Ada Darcy who was feisty, fabulous and incredibly outrageous for her time. She would love what I am doing and where I wanted things to go. I thought her name was the perfect inspiration.

L.C. Has your growing family -a.k.a. Lily and Molly your precious dogs, changed your approach to design? If so how?
K.C. They love cushions so I have seemed to have more made for our home so they have plenty to snooze on!

L.C. What would you describe to be your "trademark" in design? Or are you constantly evolving as a designer?
K.C. I quite love pattern on pattern which I seem to do alot, but my style is definitely ever evolving. Things I used to like I've moved away from but I think that's a good thing and keeps me looking for new ways to decorate.
L.C. Who is your Interior Design Icon?
K.C. Oh, I can't go past Windsor Smith!
L.C. Are there some similarities or consistencies in the aesthetic of your "design idols" and your own?
K.C. I guess there are particularly around colour and pattern although I find that I look to lots of different designers for inspiration to keep things fresh.
L.C. What has been your favorite Interior Design related job so far?
K.C. Picking all the gorgeous products for my store that is launching in the next couple of days!

L.C. Are there some "pieces"/"items" out there perhaps at flea markets or store that "got away" and you have yet to stop thinking about them?? What were they?
K.C. Yes, this one gorgeous brightly coloured antique ginger jar sticks in my mind. Sadly I walked away and always wish I had of taken it home with me!

L.C. Can you ever sit still at home, knowing there is so much work to be done on the home? Are you always coming up with new thoughts/ideas? Dreaming about them even??
K.C. Yes I always love to try things at home as it doesn't matter there if it doesn't work out. Right now i'm thinking of new wallpaper, something bold, fun and a little outrageous. Thankfully I have a very patient husband who just runs with things and lets me go!

L.C. What are you current "Must Haves"
K.C. Animal print cushions, ginger jars, fabulous and bright lampshades and candles with gorgeous scents (i love candles burning during the day, much more than night time)

L.C. How did it feel to be featured in Adore- Australia's new Online Magazine?
K.C. Lori had a sneak peak at my store and picked some products she loved. Hopefully you will see my home featured in there soon...

5 Fun questions

L.C. If you could do anything else what would it be?
K.C. fashion boutique owner! Maybe one day I can be!?

L.C. Favorite Movie? Does it inspire you?
K.C.Notting Hill, no inspiration I just love the concept of a movie star falling in love with an every day person. It's my idea of a fairytale.

L.C. Favorite place in the world?
K.C. My home and Noosa (Queensland, Australia)
L.C. Favorite Blog?
K.C. I Suwannee, Oliveaux and The House that A-M Built {all for very different reasons}!

Once again thanks, so much Kellie- and to all of the viewers please stay tuned for her new boutique!!

Always Stay Graceful,


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