Nov 9, 2010

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Today I am home as I had some dental surgery, I get to relax, eat soup and strawberry ice cream and probably watch The Good Wife- if you don't watch that, have a look its great. Anyways I decided to take some pictures from around the apartment to show some progress, and some fun finds from the Market the other day!!

I purchased to of these lovely candle holders, I love when old meets new!

I am now addicted to horse figure, I am not sure how to use these book ends yet but I love them!

This is an interesting one. I had seen this about a month ago at the market and was told that it had been sold. After randomly riffling through a pile of pictures I found it again and then begged to woman to sell it to me for more! I love the colors- no I haven't seen the movie, I just love the way it looks!!

I found these fantastic napkin holders for $2 a piece- I got 6! Steal!!!

I love the look of these ornamental "Cabbage" flowers

Always Stay Graceful,



  1. super cute!
    again, im so jealous of this market you go to!!!

  2. Thanks! It really is amazing, you next time you are here- you HAVE to go- there is also a great selection of clothing, and accessories!!


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