Jun 26, 2010

Yummy Stuff

So yesterday I ventured to Parkdale again and came upon a really great Bakery, called Yummy Stuff. (I love the name it's straight to the point!) If you haven't already been and you live in Toronto you need to check it out! The decor is cute and quirky and the cupcakes were divine! I tried a Raspberry while my friend tried a Carrot cake, they had a really fun variety such as Bacon, Orange Poppyseed(I want to try that one) and many more treats such as cakes, lemon squares etc... Visit their website for more information.

Find here:

Always Stay Graceful,



  1. Yummy and Cute! A perfect combination for that! Here in Sao Paulo city, Brazil, cupcakes are showing up as a 'fashion delicatessen style' and it is really awesome! Hopefully simplicity still in place...
    Congrats for such nice blog!
    And thanks for comming by on my one!

  2. My list for things to do when I am in Toronto is getting larger and larger. Would love to meet up with you to!

  3. Omg!! Mariska I would also love that, it would be so lovely to actually meet you!! Are you planning on visiting Toronto any time soon? Laura xoxo


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