Jun 15, 2010

Fresh New Start...

Hi everyone, I am sorry that it has been so long since I have last blogged! I have had so much going on lately + no internet so no blogging was possible!! On June 1st my boyfriend and I moved to Toronto from Montreal, let me just say that was pretty hectic. It actually led us to sleep on our floor for a few days as the movers only showed up on the 4th of June, yeah
i wasn't ove
rly excited about that.... We finally got all of our boxes, had enough time to create a completely disastrous mess, and then on the 6th we were off to Italy for a wedding, so it has literally been Go, Go, Go for the last two weeks or so!! Italy was so incredible, (I will be posting pics later this week) and it was my first time so it was a truly special experience. I have been wanting to
visit Italy for years and so I guess I had really high expectations, well it did not dissapoint whatsoever. Everything about Italy is incredible! The first day we were lucky enough to t
ake the train out to Tuscany, and then we headed off to Florence(Firenze), it was so stunningly beautiful I felt awestruck. We sat and had Bellini's in the 100 degree heat, ate beautiful food, and saw all of the amazing architecture, This was basically the way we went about each day. It was relaxing, and a fantastic escape from the real world. Everything about Italy is completely idealic. The people and beautiful, the language, the food, the drink, the scenery I could go on, and on... Anyways we are finally home, and I am so happy to had internet access again although
it was somewhat
relaxing to just let go from two weeks! So here are some of the pics of our new condo- there is so much work to be done, any ideas? We are thinking a light blue so far, as well we have painted a blackboard which is so much fun! I love i
t! By the way most of these pictures were actually taken pre move, so most of the stuff isn't ours it was the previous owners & also explains why there is no disaster in some of them! Okay, I am off to buy some flowers!

Always Stay Graceful,



  1. I've said this before but never the less, i'll say it again,
    i love your blog i love your posts, and i love how i feel it tranquilizes me with its prettiness!!!

    Keep continuing the great Job!! :)

  2. AHHHHH! I love it! The blackboard is so cool and it looks like a fantastic place. The kitchen is a definite upgrade for your previous one. I can only imagine all of the wonderful things you are going to creat in there! I really can not wait to come and see it. I'm sure it will be ten times better when you add your personal touch to it. Ohhh so exciting!!!!

    <3 <3 <3

  3. Place looks amazing Laura!


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