Feb 10, 2010

Jolie Bijoux

Hey Everyone, I hope you are all having a great day, I am in a great mood- and feel like blogging! I watched Lost last night and was well pretty much "Lost", it is mentally exhausting to watch that show- but I LOVE it!! I decided to do something relaxing today and try out some photography(I love doing this!!) Here are some pretty pictures of my jewelery. I had some fun taking pictures of these today, very happy about the turn out!! Enjoy

Always Stay Graceful, L.


  1. Those photos are all great! 2. Where have you been hiding all of that wonderful jewelry? 3. What table is it that you are taking the pictures on, I love the distressed wood...and 4. I'm coming around to the new blog layout, I love the font you're using!

  2. Thanks so much- I guess I should bust those pieces out more!! I am so happy about the font-I love courier!! And the background is the bottom of my cutting board!!


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Always Stay Graceful,
L. xoxo