Dec 20, 2013

Desk Job

I recently stumbled upon this desk at a friends place- near the dumpster.... Not in the dumpster (Don't worry it's all good- not dumpster diving)!! There was a mirrored drawer and a perfectly sized cubby to store my jewellery- it had classic lines, and lovely gams....I had to give this pretty little thing a second life!!! 

My friend looked at it when we first came upon it, looked at me and said "No Honey." BUT I could see the potential! I am a huge fan of Jenna Lyons office in NYC, and l love a pop of color in a room. Since the rest of the room is fairly neutral, I thought this would be an unexpected addition. It is more of an Hermes Orange I would say, and paired with the lucite chair and sheepskin throw, and pretty hardware it fits right in! 

Not only is it a perfect place to do my make up and store my baubles, it is also a great work station as I can close the mirror portion and have a great workspace as well as conceal my goodies! Inside the drawers I wanted to keep it playful and fun, so I added an adhesive laminate from my local hardware store, I just measured out the interior sizes and cut with an X-Acto on my cutting board for the cleanest line possible. Every time I open the drawer a really cute and kitschy print greets me- and all for $1.99/sheet!! 

Hardware is Anthropologie- Here is a similar Knob

Always Stay Graceful,


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  1. Laura! This is beautiful! I can't believe someone was throwing this away, what a good eye you had for seeing its potential. You chose the perfect colour for this desk/vanity table, and I love that you paired it with a lucite chair and sheepskin throw.


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