Apr 16, 2013

Water Colour

Do you ever discover something and wonder "where has this been all my life?". That is how I feel about water colour paint. I love painting with it, the result is always so effortless, a little messy, and there is a really pretty quality to it. While I have paintied with water colour through the years, sometimes I need to rediscover the way I use things. I have epiphanies occasionally, that help me to see things in new lights, last night I was working on a school project and I really enjoyed the way everything turned out. It makes me want to paint everything in sight, I am a little crazy like that! Once I love something I want it x a million! Here are some of the creations that came about, I am thinking bigger now, thinking about doing a collection of different furnishings and framing all together- what do you think cute? 
Is there anything you have rediscovered recently? If so please share, I am always open to finding new ways to be artistic, and creative!! xoxo

I have a lot of work to do

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  1. I love watercolor paints too! I'm really loving this little look into your sketch book. Those artists are true talents. You make me want to bust out my set! Darn school in one hour...

  2. I love watercolors-but i never did too well with that medium. Sadly. They just seem so open and cheery. Something perfect for keeping me inspired in my office.

  3. Your paintings are beautiful. My favorite ones are the waves and the roses. I think a furnishing grouping could definitely be cute! I've been playing around with acryclics lately and have been doing little colour stories - just to explore different combinations. It inspires me and gives me the courage to try larger paintings!

  4. Beautiful!!
    water colour is one of my favourite mediums as well!


Thanks so much for all of the lovely comments!
Always Stay Graceful,
L. xoxo