Apr 3, 2013

Calling It Home

Hey All, I am so excited to have Linda from Calling it Home today. Linda will be sharing a beyond FABULOUS makeover she recently completed for the series she created One Room Challenge. I hope you love it as much as I do!!! 

Hello Graceful Searchers, I'm Linda from the blog Calling It Home. Laura asked me to share with all of you how I made my choices for transforming my entry. 
The inspirational images that helped me formulate my vision for my entry came from all over the internet. I am a Pinterest addict and have been collecting images....thankfully, they were helpful.
I have to say that this image started the whole process for me.

My interpretation of this image became this

All Blue & White Purchased @ The Pink Pagoda

Once I saw this image of a large round mirror over an altar table....I became obsessed with the combination. 
Suellen Gregory
The two square stools under the altar table were also a must.

Hillary Thomas

Painting the table white was Celerie's idea, I just copied her
Celerie Kemble
I won't even try to take credit for this magnificent fabric design. It was entirely Jennifer's idea and design
Designed by The Pink Pagoda
Put that all together, and it became this.

Calling It Home

Multiple colorful rugs are abundant, but this one was my favorite
Red Magazine
Here are two of my rugs.

Finally, this wall treatment was the starting point for me. I had to make alterations to the original plan.

Oak Hill Architects 

This is how it turned out.
If you would like to see how all of this came together, you can go here. Thanks for having me over, Laura. I still can't believe this is my home! I feel really lucky.

Linda thank so, so much, I know this post will inspire many!! xoxo
Always Stay Graceful!! 


  1. I just love Linda's entry way. So chic and beautiful :)xo Kristin

  2. Love Linda's new foyer ... and all her inspirations! Nice to meet you ... and look forward to following along! xo

  3. I keep telling jennifer I am dying for this fabric and you keep flaunting it in my face! :) Dying for it I tell you. Dying.

  4. Love this peek into the workings of Linda's design process. Her Foyer is too fab.

  5. One of my most favorite entries I've seen. Love it and loved seeing the inspiration behind it!

  6. It's amazing how close the final product is to the inspiration pictures. Just lovely!!!

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the blue and white!

  8. Fun seeing how you were inspired and tweaked it to create your own beautiful entry, Linda!

  9. Thanks for the mention, Linda! I think your different foyer areas are INCREDIBLE!!

  10. Such a great post! I could read it over and over again!!!

  11. You have really achieved your inspiration thru your gorgeous entry Linda! Love seeing how you instilled your personality in your entry. :-)

  12. So in love with what she did to this space! Her entire home really is a dream!

  13. Great job, Linda! I love the crisp, clean white walls, and your Asian-inspired theme is so cohesively put together.

  14. Thanks again for having me, Laura. I love all your boards and your style.

  15. Love reading about your whole design process, Linda. The vignette with the white Asian console and a pair of beautiful stools are my favorite!


  16. You definitely did your own spin on the inspiration images, Linda! I really like the global aesthetic you chose & the the light coloured walls help your finds stand out. The gold mirror with the arched top is beautiful!

  17. I loved following Linda's posts when she was working on her entry, I loved everything about it and the final result was beautiful! I enjoyed reading this post very much because it fascinates me how and what makes someone choose a furniture piece from another or how they decided to go for a certain table! It's inspiring! Ingrid

  18. Love how Linda's gorgeous foyer turned out. Interesting to read about the thought process and see how she turned inspiration photos into her reality!! Every detail so well done! Great job Linda!!

  19. You are both so incredibly talented! I love seeing the thought process behind this beautiful design... and Laura - I love your inspiration boards!!

    The Glam Pad

  20. That entry is equally as gorgeous as the inspiration pictures. And the molding is perfection.

  21. I loved seeing your inspiration photo and your interpretation of it.

  22. That before and after is so amazing….and I love how the inspiration photos were interpreted into a bright, colorful, beautiful space!

  23. Yours is one of the best entries around! seriously killer, starting with the architectural details-perfection!
    xo Nancy

  24. Love your interpretation of all of these images and I'm still crazy about that brass/glass chandelier. So fun!

  25. Gorgeous! I love it all. I wish I had an eye for design like this.

  26. Linda did a fantastic job. The entrance looks so fresh and lively now. Really impressive.


  27. Linda, did such an amazing job on her entry and her wall treatment tutorial was very helpful to me since we are going to use the same treatment in my family room redo. Her mix of styles and rugs was wonderful, love the layers and colors she has used.

  28. How beautiful, what a gorgeous space!


Thanks so much for all of the lovely comments!
Always Stay Graceful,
L. xoxo