Feb 15, 2013

Picture Perfect

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Last night was really fantastic. Blayre and I went to a really fantastic french restaurant called L'Avenue in Bayview Village(the pictures on the site don't do it justice- so pretty in person) and had such a nice time- I think I am still full!! We both ordered the French onion soup & steak + frites..... It was really fab. Tonight I have more food to look forward to with one of my best girlfriends, a wedding tomorrow for Elle & Be and fabric shopping on Sunday- Busy times ahead

Anyhow enough about food-I have gallery walls on my mind right now, so that's what we are talking about today.

Gallery walls have a way of creating so much interest in a space. When we first moved in I was overwhelmed by all of our white walls. As we began to fill them up our space really came to life. It is such a great way to add personality to a space, tell your life story by including images of your travels, people you love and mementos from your life. I think it is a way more relaxed way to display personal pics too, when they are alone it is sometimes difficult to relate them to the rest of the space, if you have the, in a cluster the context makes more sense- make sense? haha

We have a white backdrop here in our home- but I also love glossy colorful walls, or monochromatic frames- I like to change things up around our place.

Here are some of my favorite gallery walls- I love the ones that really mix things up, I love a uniform look- but I think when it comes to a gallery wall the quirkier the better!! Have a great weekend! I have some really fun posts in store for you next week!! Stay Tuned.

 LCD Design

LCD Design

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  1. I'm such a sucker for a great gallery wall. I have one in my family room with art from different places we have traveled too. Found you via Yelena- now following :)


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