Feb 4, 2013

Office Progress

This is where we want to be...

How was your weekend? Mine was action packed! We kicked off the weekend with a fun game night at one of my girlfriends places(Apples to Apples anyone??), a comedy show Saturday night, and a fab brunch/antique market jaunt with one of my friends. This week I am not planning on slowing down- although I fear I am beginning to feel symptoms of a head cold... NOOOO- I must stop it before it happens- hopefully I am not too late! OOoh yes, also(perfect segway) Friday afternoon Blayre and I hit up Ikea to buy some furnishings and did most of the install at the new studio. We are so excited, of course there is still more to do, but we are good with all of the fundamentals. We need to add some more character to the space by layering the Tobias Ikea chairs with some sheepskins, get another plant- hang the frames and add pictures, buy a lamp- after that I think we are good to go. In a space that is floor to ceiling wood, I think it would be easy to overwhelm the eye. I think that my using really simple lines we were able to create a more masculin/mid century space. I will continue to post progress, I would say we are at about 80% completion. Easy job- happy with the result so far!! 

So Far this is where were at: Super Simple....

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